from Silicon Valley to the Pentagon Advancing the Mission


We are an award-winning provider of Enterprise IT, Mission ISR and Cyber Security services to the US Intelligence and Defense Industry. From our roots in California’s innovation centers, we have built a specialized boutique business of technical professionals spanning the globe. Now, over 30 years later, we have withstood the test of time with our unyielding commitment to advancing the mission and empowering our customers.

Company Highlights

  • Over two decades of success
  • HQ in CA with offices in DC Region
  • OPS in FL, GA, TX, CO & deployed
  • Proudly Veteran-Owned
  • IT, Cyber and ISR Divisions
  • 95% of Employees have US Security Clearance
  • State Department ITAR Certified
  • Perfomed Hundreds of System Upgrades in more than 50 countries

Serious Values - With a Smile

At Kryptauri, we aren't big on the daily grind mentality. Our company values, objectives and philosophy are a direct reflection of the kind of "KRYPTAURI Culture" we strive to inspire: where everyone is driven to create amazing, transformative results for our customers and to do so with a meaningful and positive impact on our community.

Our Guiding Values are:

  1. Challenge Assumptions - No status quo here. If you have ever been accused of upsetting the apple cart, not going with the flow, asking too many questions, not knowing your place or holding your tongue, etc... you are probably in the right place. We are just like you.- challenging the status quo is what transformation is all about.
  2. Be Passionate and Determined - We owe it to ourselves to work on things we are passionate about. If you're passionate about something, you'll do a better job and enjoy the process. There are necessary evils with every job, but it's up to you to make sure you're passionate about what you're working on.
  3. Use Good Judgement - Whether it's making system decisions or meeting with a client, we expect everyone to use good judgement in all aspects of their professional lives. Good judgement is key to success in all you do.

We value extra effort, good judgement, personal improvement, service to others, curiosity, positivity, and courage. And although we have found that keeping it "light" makes the heavy lifting easier, when it comes to the mission, we are all business.

Our Story

Our lineage goes back to the innovation centers of California in 1993 where we began our journey as Transquest Ventures - a provider of human capital services to the pre-IPO start-up community. Our founder’s background in U.S. military intelligence led us to support national defense efforts in the post-9/11 world and we've been providing that support ever since, growing to be one of the most trusted and reliable contractors in the Intelligence Community.

In 2020, we started expanding our capabilities beyond federal contracting and entered into some select commercial markets. Feeling the need to begin this journey and expansion with a new name that better represented our expanding vision, the name KRYPTAURI was born. A combination of two forces: KRYPT, for kryptos - the Greek word for “hidden” and the root of "cryptography" and "encryption" - and TAURI, referencing the bull of Taurus charging forward to "advance the mission," which is our newly evolved company maxim.

Today, KRYPTAURI continues to support our federal customers in the areas of Enterprise IT Transformation; Intelligence, Surveillance & Recon; and Cyber Security, while also stepping into new areas such as providing services for Cybersecurity Operations Center Management for the public/private sector and our transformative IT services to state and local governments.

It takes drive, creativity and a passion to solve today's tough challenges and the challenges to come. We're always looking for more like us to continue this legacy. Our recruiting radar is constantly on, searching for superstars from every discipline.