Results-Oriented Cybersecurity, ISR & IT Transformation Services

We transform IT Infrastructures to enable advanced capabilities of global US Defense networks. Our Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance services help our deployed forces maintain combat information overmatch and superior situational awareness.  We employ collective cyber defense strategies for critical customer resources at global, national, state and local levels. KRYPTAURI responds rapidly to the needs of our customers and applies innovative solutions unique to each circumstance to enable success.

IT Infrastructure Transformation

Our team was recently awarded a 10-year, $1B Enterprise IT modernization contract at a large Department of Defense agency. Supporting six worldwide data centers, with the leading global operations center located in Maryland, our administrators, system and network engineers offer a wide range of services to the enterprises we support.

  • Hardware and software integration
  • Software-defined datacenter deployment
  • Cloud enablement
  • Agile development & training
  • Container architecture

Systems and Network Security

Our team of information security specialists delivers expert systems administration and engineering services. KRYPTAURI strengthens and secures global infrastructure, networks, and endpoints to organizations and enterprises.

  • Security incident management
  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Configuration management
  • Security audit and reporting
  • IT infrastructure security management

Global Service Desk Management

KRYPTAURI service management experts operate 24x7 global service desks for critical defense and intelligence agency operations as well as at the state and local government levels.

We have the answers that keep information flowing, un-compromised throughout major US and Allied Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies, as well inside state, county and local government organizations.

  • ServiceNow implementation and integration
  • Tier 1 support & queue coordination
  • IC watch to improve situational awareness
  • System monitoring and troubleshooting across the IC enterprise
  • IC PKI and digital rights management
  • Cloud access management
  • Dedicated Customer Teams
  • Sophisticated Rapid Response


The Kryptauri SOC is an agent-less cybersecurity monitoring system that is fully scalable to meet changing data throughput needs. Designed to use raw network traffic and existing telemetry data available from network devices and security software, our SOC defends your enterprise in all directions.

Hardware and/or virtual sensors are deployed inside a perimeter firewall to maximize detection of North-South activity. This North-South traffic is ingested at the network perimeter inside a firewall to analyze traffic entering and leaving the network. In addition, sensors are installed inside the enterprise network to detect East-West activity. East-West traffic is ingested within the enterprise to provide full visibility of all internal activity, such as lateral movement.

Visualization of alerts and events is accomplished using IronDome, a real-time threat-sharing platform which enables anonymized sharing of threat intelligence. As the first automated solution that links industry peers, supply chains, and regions within a common defense architecture to allow public and private enterprises to work together to strengthen cyber defense. Our solution enables secure, anonymous sharing of threat insights and empowers the crowdsourcing of threat detection and response across a community of peers, as well as across traditional industry lines.

ISR Services

KRYPTAURI has been providing unmanned airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) services to the national Intelligence Community and the military since 2003, primarily supporting the CENTCOM and AFRICOM AORs. The ISR services we provide help to extend our Warfighters' combat information overmatch. KRYPTAURI's mission operators manage the collection, analysis and reporting of vital data to contribute to the advance of deployed missions throughout the world and the protect of our forces on the ground with real-time, actionable intelligence.