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Kryptauri develops freelance cybersecurity community platform

The United States is suffering from a gap between open cybersecurity jobs and workers qualified to fill them. In 2021, this gap was in the millions. This fact has resulted in a precarious cyber vulnerability for our nation's industrial base, in addition to a majority of small to midsize companies operating without many safeguards.

Kryptauri wants to help. With our unique experience within DoD cyber operations, commercial industry cyber consulting, and technology staffing, we believe there is more we can do to meet this challenge. We want to help close this monumental jobs gap and increase the cyber defense posture of American companies. That is why we created a new platform we call - Kryptauri Connect :  a cooperative, freelance marketplace where America's most trusted cyber professionals can apply their expertise for the benefit of American companies in need of improved cyber defenses.

With Kryptauri Connect, the cyber skills that America needs are now available in a fractional and market-driven way. By joining our community, you will gain exclusive access to our fully integrated platform of freelance cyber projects for US Companies, back-office support, peer collaboration channels, career advice, and many other benefits to come.

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