Dear TransQuest Team,

We are announcing some exciting news today. TransQuest is reorganizing and reimagining our business in ways we have never done before. As we have spent the better-part of the last decade modernizing and securing the Global Cryptologic Enterprise, we realize that there are many others in America’s business community that could benefit from our expertise.

This announcement is to tell you that KRYPTAURI is coming…

KRYPTAURI (pronounced KRYP-TAW-REE) will be our new name and our new way forward. We are not changing ownership or management team. We are better aligning our company name with our new direction and organizational priorities. The name KRYPTAURI is a combination of two forces: KRYPT, for krypto – the Greek word for “hidden”, and the root of other words such as cryptography and encryption, which aligns us with our customers and capabilities – and TAURI, referencing the bull of Taurus which is boldly charging forward and advancing, just as our new company maxim states: “advancing the mission”.

During this exciting time in our company, we will continue to support our current programs and national security customers. Nothing will change with the programs that our employees are working on, or the jobs they currently have. However, I would expect some new swag coming your way. In fact, our deployed team downrange has already received theirs – to rave reviews!We will continue to provide our outstanding technical services within our three specialized markets:

  • Enterprise IT Modernization
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Cybersecurity Defense and Policy

As KRYPTAURI, we will be focusing those existing efforts, while moving boldly into the following new markets:

  • Managed Cybersecurity Operations Center Services for both the public and private sector
  • Cybersecurity consulting for the private sector
  • Transformative IT services for State and Local Governments
  • Increased focus on Cybersecurity initiatives within the Intelligence Community

We will be officially releasing the news of our new name in the days and weeks ahead. We wanted to share this news with all of our team first, and also thank you for making this exciting event possible. Since 1993, TransQuest has stood the test of time as a trusted and reliable IT partner. As Kryptauri, we will continue our journey and take our success to the next level.

Yours truly,

David Crocker
TransQuest, Inc. – soon to be Kryptauri!

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